Guide to Set Up Stage Sound System

Setting up a stage may require a lot of people who have good knowledge about how to set up a stage. A large concert must need large stage and great sound system that allows all the people to hear what is going on the stage. For small stage you will only need less effort to do the stage and sound system set up.

This is the basic instruction of how to set up stage sound system. The stage sound system is usually used by solo artist, musicians, bands, and more for live performance. When you buy a P.A. you have to make sure that you get all the manuals and instruction on how to set up the sound system. You might also want to have some helps from experienced people.

I recommend you to get the new on so you will not get the pitfalls. Place the speakers on the right place for the first set up progress. Plug in the connectors to the speakers and amplifiers. Plug in the phono in the back of the player so you can play backing tracks. The microphone must be plugged in to the other socket of the amplifier so it can work correctly.

Place monitors in the stage floor and the both left and right sides of the stage. For bigger concert you may also need to set up several monitors in the other sides of the concert arena. Do not forget to place monitors in the stage because those monitors are usually used to display each person who is performing on the stage.

Perform sound check after you connect all of the speakers and monitor. You have to make sure that all of the speakers and monitors can work properly.

Remember that you have to use correct gauge speaker cable so the speaker can work correctly. You also have to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Do not modify the instruction if you are a beginner. The main speakers and monitors can be adjusted but all the microphones have to be placed back to prevent feedback. Feedback sound will ruin everything. So you have to be careful for this.

The need for a good sound stage is more important than ever.

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