Common Myths About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the most safest and effective treatment method available, especially for those who are unable to do regular physical activity due to a neurological, organic, or muscular lesion. There are still people who question the safety and efficacy of physical therapy in managing pain, mobility issues, rehabilitation, and post-surgery recovery.

There are many myths, rumors, and misconceptions that you may have heard about physical therapy or physical therapists. To benefit from this ancient form of alternative therapy, it is a good idea to ask questions.

A common misconception about PT/therapists is that physical therapists and chiropractors cannot work together. Physical therapy and chiropractor therapy both have positive effects on the other. They help to restore healthy circulation and stabilize the tissues. In some cases, it is recommended not to combine the two therapies. It is best to talk with your healthcare provider or therapists about why chiropractics and PT cannot be used simultaneously. In most cases, alternative medicine can be used in conjunction with chiropractics.

People often believe that PT sessions can be quite costly. You may need to attend several sessions to find relief. It is important to note that many insurance companies cover physical therapy costs. Before you decide to exclude physical therapy from your policy, consult your insurance agent. If your insurance does not cover your session costs, there are still options. Talk to your therapist about splitting the therapy cost in monthly installments to make it easier to pay. Your therapist can discuss a discount or concession for you if your financial situation is not met. Physical therapists will do everything they can to assist patients who are in financial hardship.

Physical therapy is often thought to be a treatment that focuses on the major muscle groups, such as the knee joint and the neck region. Physical therapy strengthens and stabilizes all vital structures in your para-axial and axial skeletons. These exercises and manipulation not only support your muscles, but also relieve stress and strain from small muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments. Your therapist’s goal is to strengthen your bones and muscles to provide better support for hard connective tissue, as well as soft supporting cells.

Another myth is that a physical therapist can solve all problems in just one or two sessions. Physical therapy can be a powerful and effective form of therapy for stabilizing chronic and major injuries. However, therapy takes time to achieve results.

Physical therapists have the ability to understand the pathophysiology of muscles, joints, and tissues. However, sometimes severe damage may mean that more sessions are necessary in order for remission. Therapy is designed to encourage the natural healing process by creating a favorable environment for the tissues and muscles. Although this process can take some time, the results are lasting and permanent.

Physical therapy is not always the best option for all musculoskeletal problems. It is often not necessary, as in many cases, the cause of chronic back pain and aching tissues are no injuries. Your physical therapist might just help you improve your posture and stabilize your back while walking or sitting. This does not necessarily mean your therapist doesn’t have the right knowledge or that you need to see another doctor.

Sometimes, discomfort or pain is not caused by an organic problem. Poor posture and poor physical stability can cause pain and discomfort. This may be due to a restricted range of motion or aching discomfort. These can be addressed by simple posture stabilizing exercises and posture management. Don’t be disappointed if your physical therapist doesn’t use any special techniques.

To learn more about holistic healing, schedule an appointment with a therapist if you have any questions, doubts, or misconceptions regarding Physical Therapy Cornelius NC.

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